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May 26, 2019 bathroom vanity

Installing Modern Bathroom Vanity

Modern bathroom vanity – If you have some knowledge on how to do the basic plumbing. It is very likely that you can do the job yourself remodeling by installing a bathroom vanity. Buy the style and size bathroom vanity that you would like. If you go with a pedestal-style dresser, realize that more of the floor and wall will be exposed and may need some remodeling to improve the look. The size of any of these bathroom vanities needs fine tuning in your bathroom.

Amazing Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Amazing Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Mark a couple of things on the wall where the dresser will be placed. Mark where the wooden posts on the wall are. Where the water lines are located, and where the drain is located. Compare this with the bathroom vanity and mark the corresponding positions in the vanity itself.

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Make the pilot holes that will be where the water and drainage lines will be. Use a hole saw to cut these places, as needed, using one that is at least one-half inch wider than the other. Water lines. Be sure to make these holes accurate so that the bathroom vanity will not be in any way uneven. Use the drill to place pilot holes on the back of the dresser where it will align with the studs on the wall. Choose the correct measurements for the screws that are supplied to you with the purchase bathroom vanity.

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